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NameApes Membership

NameApes membership gives you the edige in ENS investing

NameApes members are for power #ens domain investors. They enjoy several benefits to make ENS investing, buying & selling more profitable.

The current benefits are

  1. Cheaper Bulk Registration fees: 50% discount and up to 75% cheaper than other services for registering ENS domains in bulk.
  2. Zero Selling Fees: 0% Trading Fee when listing names for sale. Listing shows up on ENS Vision & NameApes.
  3. Visbility: Get homepage visibility of your listings and have your listings visible in NameApes member club.
  4. Exclusive Alpha: See score information beyond the first page of listing results.

How to get a free membership

Mar 2023: Membership is currently being given free for beta testers for a limited time (March 2023). Please visit this tweet and leave your wallet/ens name and we will add you as a member. If you don't have twitter, please email us at or join our telegram group

Apr 2023: You need to list 50 names via for at least 7 days. Once you have listed 50 names, Click on [Verify Member Status] on Your ENS page.

999 and 10K Club members are also NameApes Members

NameApes is pleased to announce that all digit holders of 999 and 10Kclub are automatically elgible to claim for NameApes Membership for free. If you are a part of 999Club and 10Kclub, there is zero transaction fee for any #ens domains that you list via NameApes.

To be clear, you can list any ENS domain even if it is not part of 10kclub and these names are listed for 0% fee. You just need at least one 999 (000.eth to 999.eth) or 10kclub (0000.eth to 9999.eth) when you make the listing to enable free listings on

As more benefits for members are developed, 999/10K club members will also enjoy the same benefits. This offer runs until Dec 31st 2023.

*Note that 0% fee does not apply to ENS domains listed to OpenSea/LooksRare/X2Y2. They only apply to names on NameApes or ENS Vis.

Member’s club - Get visibility for your ENS name

Introducing yet another perk for NameApes members! We know that for 90% of the ENS names out there, they don’t belong to a clubs or category so it might be a bit hard to get visibility for your name.

For NameApes members, all your listings will now be shown on the homepage. There is also a pinned club called Member’s club where names are also shown and Sale statistics are tracked.

If you have not gotten your NameApes Membership, see this post and get it while it is still free.


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