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Listing ENS Domains for Sale

List your ENS domains in bulk across the major NFT (Opensea, LooksRare) and ENS marketplaces

Listing ENS Domains for Sale

NameApes now has a new listing tool for ENS domains. You now can list your ENS domains in bulk across the major NFT (Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2) and ENS marketplaces (Name Apes & ENS Vision). All ENS domains listed via NameApes will be visible to buyers on ENS Vision. Those listed through Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2 will be visible to the buyers on those platforms. There are no gas fees required for listing.

NameApe Members get 0% trading fees

NameApes members enjoy 0% trading fees (buy and sell at 0% fees) when using You can get read more about Membership here. *Note that 0% fee does not apply to ENS domains listed to Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2.

Names bought on Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2 have marketplace fees of 0.5%, 2%, 0.5% respectively. NameApes does not charge anything beyond what Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2 would charge. For LooksRare, NFT and ENS sales are paid out in WETH as per LooksRare’s standard. ENS sales on OpenSea, X2Y2, NameApes and ENS Vision are paid out to in ETH.

When listing on Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2, the prices are adjusted and set a little higher to let sellers get the same net amount on all marketplaces.

How to use Bulk Listing

To list in bulk, simply choose your ENS names from the MY ENS page, add them to your Sell Bag and then list them. The prices can be adjusted for each listing.

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Bulk listing optionally supports listing on Opensea, LooksRare & X2Y2. Each item listed on those marketplaces will require you to sign the transaction once. Once you're ready, you can start the signing process. For each name and marketplace, there will be one signing transaction, e.g. if you list 2 names on 3 marketplaces, there will be 6 listings to sign. ENS Vision and NameApes count as the same marketplace.

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Wallet Approval - Same Contract as OpenSea
For your first wallet connection, you'll need to connect your wallet to to approve the site's connection to your wallet. This is a gasless transaction that will verify your identity. You wont have any transactions that require gas yet. After that, you'll be able to access the MY ENS page to see your domains and pick the ones you want to add to your Sell Bag.

If your wallet has not been previously approved OpenSea’s (Seaport) NFT contract on your first listing, it will prompt you to do so. This will grant access to all NFTs so that a transfer can be made in the event of a sale. It follows the same process as OpenSea or, which has been well tested and optimized for low gas fees. If you choose to list on LooksRare, a contract approval for LooksRare will also be required if you haven't listed anything there yet.

You will be prompted to sign the transaction for each listing. Each item listed on a marketplace will require you to sign the transaction. And if you use the bulk listing, this will show up in several steps.

Lower Price

After you list an ENS domain, you can lower its price without any gas fees. Just go to the ENS detail page and click on the Lower Price function.

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You can only lower the prices in some marketplaces. Lowering the price will create a listing with the same end date and the price you adjusted it to This new listing will be the one shown to buyers instead.


All your active listings will be shown in the ENS detail page. You have the option to cancel your listings but this will have a gas fee. You have to pay gas for each listing that you cancel.

X2Y2 note: We currently do not support cancelling X2Y2 listings. If you want to cancel X2y2 listings, please do so via

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Pro tip: If you have many listings and want to cancel all of them while saving gas, transfer them to another wallet that you own. This will invalidate them. To move your ENS to another wallet, use to change the registrant or owner to your alternate wallet.

Get your ENS Sold

To increase your chances of getting a sale, list the names for at least a month on all the platforms (NameApes, OpenSea and LooksRare). Bulk listing on multiple NFT marketplaces will help your names gain more visibility.

We hope our Bulk Listing tool will helps you sell more ENS names. Best of luck! is created to let you find other Apes and make your own ENS Clubs. We want to allow the ENS community to have independence in their clubs.

We will allow any request to make a new club as long as it is not a duplicate or superset of several clubs. Once a club is created by you, any further edits will also be updated without questions. Within an ENS Club, find names to register, see what names are selling and what names you can buy from the secondary market at the lowest price.