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Buy Cart: Find and Buy ENS names

Bulk Buying of ENS names across marketplaces, clubs, categories in one transaction

NameApes updates in Dec 2022 allow users to buy names in a single transaction across multiple marketplaces like NameApes, Opensea, Looksrare, X2Y2 and ENS Vision. Users enjoy 17% less gas when bundling a purchase. The cart also allows user to shortlist names they want to buy before checking out.

There is no contract approval required for buying names no matter which marketplace the name is listed on. The only approval required is for the Buy transaction which is from

All names are purchased in one transaction. If for any reason that a name is not purchasable, that specific name will fail and the other names will be purchased. There are no extra fees added by NameApes for buying names. In fact, you might even save some gas fees when buying names in bulk.

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To minimise the occurrences of buying wrong names, names in cart also show

  1. (!) will show beside not normalised names.
  2. Registration time remaining
  3. Length of name
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Those should help you assess the cost of renewal the name and also not buy scam names.

How to Bulk Buy ENS Names

  1. Find the names that you want from the Buy Tab of each club.
  2. You can activate Cart mode [ ] which will show the Add to Cart button.
  3. Click to add the names in cart.
  4. Alternatively, you can open the ENS Detail page and Click on the [Add to Cart button]
  5. Names added in Cart show up in your Cart. Open the Buy Cart in the header bar.
  6. Review the names in cart. You can remove a name or many names
  7. When you are ready, click checkout.
  8. Names will be first checked to see if their listings are still valid. If they are not, they will be greyed out.
  9. The total number of items, cost and their names are shown.
  10. Approve the purchase by your wallet
  11. Depending on your gas fee, the transaction will take a while to finalized.
  12. Once finalized, your cart will be cleared of the names that are purchased. If a name has failed for some reason, it will remain in the cart

You can view your purchased names via My ENS page.



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