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Ape Score - Find Underpriced ENS names

Helping you find underpriced ENS domains with data (Ape Score, Categories & New Clubs Info)

Find underpriced Items: Score and Value

Not all names in a club are created equal. We all knew that 9999.eth would definitely be worth more than 1251.eth. That was obvious. We knew some digits would be worth more than others. The problem was that there was no specific way to rate each name.

So, we came up with a scoring system for the 999 club, 10K club and 100k club based on several metrics. These were the selling price history, starting digit and overall type. With these, we were able to come up with a "score" for each name to help people see its value relative to other names.

With the addition of this score as a metric, you can now filter by minimum score, maximum score or sort from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

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And to make things even easier, we added an option to sort the value. The value is the ratio of score to price. The higher the value the more underpriced it is. This means it has the highest score for the lowest price.

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Other than digits, we added scores for names, emojis and English words as well.

  • Scores for forenames and surnames are derived from the frequency data of
  • Scores for emojis are derived from the frequency data of
  • Scores for the English words are derived from the frequency data of kaggle (English word frequency 300,000. The most frequent English words on the web.)

Categories for Emoji

To make it easier to find the emojis you want, we made several categories. These categories provided by unicode are:

  1. Smileys & Emotions
  2. People & Body
  3. Activities
  4. Travel & Places
  5. Food & Drinks
  6. Animals & Nature
  7. Objects
  8. Symbols
  9. Flags
  10. Components

New Club Specific Info

Found a new club but not sure if it's safe to invest in? We know how you feel. We all want to invest early with as little risk as possible, so we put a few metrics on display for new clubs or clubs without a lot of trading volume to give you some information.

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Noteable Clubs (Clubs that have no trading volume but are over 80% minted)

  • When the number of names in Grace is lower, the owners are more invested long term
  • The more owners, the better. It means more liquidity.
  • Minted percentage shows you the percent of possible names that have already been minted. The higher this number is, the more likely you'll have to get names in the secondary market.

New Clubs (Clubs that are below 80% minted)

  • Supply shows you how many names there are in this club.
  • The more owners, the better. More liquidity is always good.
  • Minted percentage to show you how many percent of the names have been minted.

Newly created clubs are also shown on our home page now. Remember, you can make your club with for better visibility for your ens names.

Our aim is to help you narrow down your search and show you how valuable a name is.


Popularity Info is Member Exclusive Benefit

Beyond the second page of listings, Popularity will be hidden from view. To view it, you need to connect your wallet and have a NameApes membership. To get a free membership, please see this post


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