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Bulk Search & Register available ENS Names

Find available ENS domains and register them in bulk 

The ENS bulk registration feature has been enabled on NameApes. You may now register a list of domains in a single transaction to save time and gas fees. These are the costs of different registrations channels for comparison

  1. Register 1 name via 0.009868284 Ξ
  2. Register 1 name via 0.00821611 Ξ (~18% cheaper)
  3. Register 10 name via 0.098682838 Ξ
  4. Register 10 name via 0.066187805 (~39% cheaper)
  5. Register 10 name via without resolver: 0.053956417 Ξ (~58% cheaper)

(based on 20 gwei gas price):

The more names you register, the more you get to save. Our bulk registration tool can save you up to 58% of the gas cost.

Bulk Search ENS Name Ideas

To find names that are still available to register, click on the club you're interested in and then click on Register. This will show you a list of available names. Then click the Add to List button on the left for the names you want to get.

You can also check the Popular, Notable, New and Early sections on the homepage to help you sort the names. With over 400 clubs, there's no shortage of names for you to choose from!

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You can paste in a list of names and use modifiers to add characters infront (Prefix) or behind (Suffix) each name.

On the results page, you can filter by availability and add the names you choose to the registration list.

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In the registration list, you'll see the registration price and total cost. The prices for standard ENS domains are:

  • 5+ characterss ($5 per year)
  • 4 characters ($160 per year)
  • 3 characters ($640 per year)

You can also register ENS for other people. This can be a great way for you buy and setup ENS domains for your family and friends.

By default, we set resolvers which allow the ENS name to function as an address for your wallet. If you switch this off, you can save 30% in gas but cannot use the name as a wallet address. The name, however, can still be bought and sold normally. For the name to be used, you have to set the resolver through

Our bulk registration smart contract calls the old method of ENS registration where names are not wrapped thus saving on a lot of gas comapred to the new namewrapped contracts which also mints a ERC1155.

Registration is a two step process (Reserve & Payment)

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The first step is to reserve. In this step, a small amount of ETH will be sent and then a 60 second timer will start right away as the next step loads.

The second step is the payment. In this step, most of the cost will be sent. The names will be registered and transferred to your wallet only after the payment is complete.

If you start but do not complete your registration, the Register List will not allow you to add or remove names. There will be a resume button instead for you to pickup where you left off. If you choose to discard, you will lose the ETH that you spent in the first step.

NameApes charges the following fees for bulk registration

  1. 5 or more characters - 10% of fee. $0.50 USD per name for a 1 year registration.
  2. 4 characters - 1% of fee. $1.60 USD per name for a 1 year registration.
  3. 3 characters 1% of fee. $6.40 USD per name for 1 year registration.

Members get to enjoy a 50% discount on bulk registration fees.