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ENS Mayhem in May

Email to all and members for June 2022.

This month has certainly taken us for a ride. We entered May with the average 3 digit name costing about 8.91Ξ and the average 4 digit name costing about 1.44Ξ. The 3 digits names then reached an all time high for the month on May 8 at an average cost of 19.29Ξ while the 4 digit names reach their all time high on May 12 at an average cost of 2.35Ξ.

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The effect of the Terra Luna crash on May 11 was immediately felt by 3 digit name owners when the average cost dropped from 12.17Ξ on May 10 to 8.19Ξ on the day of the crash. It then stayed under 9Ξ until May 15 when it climbed back up to 11.17Ξ. The price went down to 9.06Ξ the next day and then 8.27Ξ the day after, but went back up to 11.95Ξ on May 18. It dropped to its lowest point for the month on May 19 at 6.6Ξ.

On the other hand, the effect on 4 digit names was slightly delayed. From an average cost of 1.7Ξ on May 10, it only went down to 1.31Ξ on the day of the crash. However, it quickly bounced back the next day to a whopping 2.35Ξ. It was on May 13, two days after the crash, that the average price dropped down to a depressing 1.19Ξ.

As for 5 digit names, all 100,000 combinations have now been minted and are only available on the marketplace. Read our detailed blogpost about 3, 4 and 5 digits rarity.

So for all you digit name enthusiasts out there, we’ve got a digit category on ENSdom just for you. It’s the place to post your numerical names. It doesn’t matter how long they are. Whether they’re 3 digits long or 7 digits long, all digit names are welcome.

We’re pleased to announce that ENSdom now has an emoji category for names with emojis. You can now find names that are a mix of words and emojis and names that only consist of emojis. Feel free to add any ENS name you have with emojis to ENSdom!

Twitter ENS clubs

Now, for those of you who want to meet like-minded ENS collectors, there’s a club for each type of name. You can think of these clubs as communities of people who basically like to collect the same type of ENS name. There are clubs for almost every type of name out there e.g. 3 digit names, 4 digit names, palindromes, Pokemon names, emoji only names, etc. You can join the clubs for the types of names you have or plan to acquire.

If you’re interested in getting a digit name, you can check out the 10kClub. It’s one of the biggest groups for ENS names on Twitter with 14.4k followers. It’s not only for 4 digit names, but for 3 digit names as well. This includes all the combinations from 000 to 9999. Follow this group to stay up to date with the latest updates on these names.

Another popular club with a big following is the Ethmoji club with 1,111 followers on Twitter. Its subgroups are the Ethmoji99 club and the Ethmoji 999 club. Emojis have always been a big part of internet culture and a common way for people to express themselves online. In that regard, there’s definitely a demand for emoji names. if you were thinking about getting a name that only consists of emojis, this one's for you.

We recently launched @enspriceless to help people get appraisals for their 4 digit names. If you have a 4 digit name that you want to have appraised, just tweet to us and we’ll help you find out its value. It’s never too late to get a 4 digit name!

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We'd also like to present the list of domains that expired in May. If you wanted certain domain name, but it was unavailable, you could try your luck again. If you're new to ENS and just want to explore, this could be a good place to start. And if none of these apply to you, you should still check them out anyway. You'll never know what you can find.

Till next time

What a month! It’s definitely been a wild ride for the ENS community and the crypto world. We’ve seen one of the biggest cryptocurrencies crash, ENS clubs form and countless names minted. Grab some ENS names and join the community to get in on the action. We’re going to the moon!