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The ENS marketplace for #10kclub and 4 digit .eth addresses

Helping buyers find the best 4 digit .eth for investment.

What makes numbers so special? Well, unlike words that have synonyms or alternative ways of being expressed, numbers can only be represented by themselves in general. The precision and uniqueness make them a great choice for an online name or wallet.

A 3 or 4 digit number would be a great choice because they’re short and easy to remember, but since there are barely any 3 digit numbers left, people are quickly turning to 4 digit and 5 digit names. As of now, most 4 digit names are still available at a reasonable price. Many of them are still up for grabs, but won’t be for long.

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You can check the best deals on It will show you the ones with the lowest prices (floor price), the most discounted ones, the rarest ones and the ones that are closest to expiring. It will also show you the appraised price of each name which is derived from historical sales data, so if you already own a 4 digit name, you can check its appraised value.

By using our appraisal & sale price, we find the most discounted 4 digit ENS domains on sale.

If you’re looking for a specific number, you can use the search box to find it. And if you prefer to make the purchase at another time, you can select the purchase later option or leave your email to get a notification when the name becomes available. This will also notify the owners to let them know there’s a demand for their numbers.

When you’re looking for specific numbers, you can sort the names in 4 ways to expedite your search. These are: Best Value, Lowest Price, Expiring Soon and Rarest.

  • Sorting by Best Value arranges the names from the ones with the highest discount rate first to the ones with the lowest discount rate last.
  • Sorting by Lowest Price arranges the names from the ones with the lowest price first to the ones with the highest price last.
  • Sorting by Expiring soon arranges the names from the ones that are closest to expiring first to the ones furthest from expiring last.
  • Sorting by Rarest puts the most unique types of names first. The less unique a name is, the further back it will be.

The floor price of these names have nowhere to go but up. Join the #10kclub while you still can and grab your 4 digit name now! Attracts #10KClub Aspirants with Rich Browsing Features, Makes Buying Digit ENS Names a Breeze

(July 9, 2022) – ENS number hunters can log into a brand-new platform,
and easily search 3, 4 and 5-digit ENS domain names, which are among the most trending
crypto NFT assets in the world today. Clubs has made it easy to hunt for the best deals of E,
the best discounts, the cheapest ENS number domains or the ones expiring soon.


Just like the .com craze, the trend to acquire a .ETH domain namehas recently been
recognized by top personalities in crypto and NFT circles. While ENS supports a broad base
of text-based names too, digit ENS domains are considered unique, precise and easy to
remember and share as a wallet address or online identity. Currently, 4-digit ENS names are
the hottest, and there is even a club, the #10K club with a slogan, “I am my number, and my
number is me”.

“The best 4-digit ENS names can be easily discovered on Our filters
make it even more easy to find the best deals of the day according to the rarity of the digit.
For current owners, we also display their appraised value in case they want to sell it.” said
Han from ENSdom which is the marketplace specifically for ENS domains.

ENS domain names, which are NFTs and traded similarly on secondary markets, are popular
among NFT traders as they make it easy to transfer assets with easy names to remember.
An ENS name can also serve as a website address, an online login identity for Web3 or
Dapp services, or an human friendly address to receive any cryptocurrency. In the recent
few months, Ethereum name prices have surged due to heavy demand.

Clubs by ENSdom is the fastest way to browse and zoom in on the best digit ENS deals.
The trading platform also shows valuable numbers that have recently been listed for sale.
One can also setup up an email alert when the desired name is listed. An add on is that the
site notifies current owners when there is greater demand for their ENS number property.

Those wanting to join the prestigious #10kclub can login at and grab their
favourite number before its gone.

About Clubs by ENSdom: Clubs is an ENS domains marketplace that provides would-be
buyers of 3, 4 and 5-digit ENS domains a way to find good value purchases and statistics for
how the 999club, 10kclub and 100kclub ENS domains are trading. With a clear display of the
appraisal values and discounted values across the platform, it makes it a great option for
buying ENS domains. For more information, please visit:

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