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The 2022 rush for 3 & 4 digit ENS

The starting of awareness for ENS as a NFT rarity and utility

Wow! What a week! Here I am blogging and making my ENS marketplace hoping that the awareness takes a little longer so I can get the buy and sell transactions done on then Monday suddenly comes with tweets about 3 digits ENS.

Now that things have settled down, I wanted to recap key events for the 2022 rush for 3 & 4 digit ENS.

Timeline of 2022 rush for 3 & 4 digit ENS

2nd Jan: Wrote first blogpost about 3 digit ENS as my first research as that was the obvious buy. 39% of 999 digits are available then.

31st Mar: 29% of 999 digits are still available. Did a check 3 months after my first blogpost. Predicted that in July 2022, we will exhaust the 3 digits. Oh man, how wrong I was. 

Apr 23rd: The run for 3 digit ENS starts

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Apr 25th: All 3 digit ENS are minted. The run for 4 digit ENS starts. I thought this would take a while so I made a sheet with the intention of writing this blogpost originally titled: "4 digits .eth rarity and value" which you will now find below.

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Apr 26th: All 4 digit ENS are minted. The run for 5 digit ENS starts but due to large supply, it will take much more time to finish. Yes. A 5 digit sheet is incoming. Subscribe and follow @ensbuy

Apr 27th: Initial Price floor start to form. 🔥 23 sales of 3 digits .eth for an average of 2.33Ξ (~$6.5K)

Apr 30th: 38 sales of 3 digits .eth for an average of 8.91Ξ (~$25.2K)


ENS names make us realize how powerful supply is in influencing prices. While more money can be made or created, there’s a limited supply of good names. And from that, there’s only a handful of good .eth numbers. These give you instant recognition. 

At this point, we’ve learned that there's a decent supply of catchy words that appeal to many brands. These words can also be played around with, substituted or used with other words. Numbers, however, are less flexible. Change one digit, and it’s a completely different number, add in letters or words and it won’t have the same ring to it. 

 On top of that, the smaller digit numbers are more valuable and sought after than the bigger ones. A 3 digit name would be worth more than a 4 digit one, a 4-digit name would be worth more than a 5-digit one, and so on.

According to a Dune Analytics dashboard for ENS, the spike in sales began on April 21, and the number of eth. name registrations has since jumped from 2,721 to 21,188 by April 28. Over the last seven-day period, ENS domains' trading volume on OpenSea climbed by 3,333% to 2,613 ETH, or $7.3 million, at the time of writing. The last 48 hours have seen the most ENS NFT trading in the secondary market with the most expensive domain so far, "008.eth," selling for 20 ETH, or $56,125, on April 29. 

Update for End May 2022

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  • May 10: The average price of a 3 digit name was 12.17Ξ (~$28.2K) the day before the crash.
  • May 11: It drops down to 8.19Ξ ($19.4K). The whole crypto world takes a hit from the crash of Terra Luna. Along with the demise of another coin, TerraUSD, its collapse has a domino effect on all the other cryptocurrencies. The founder, Do Kwon, refuses to comment. His investors have also declined to say anything. 
  • May 13: It reached the lowest point for that week at 7.28Ξ (~$14.7K). 
  • May 14: The average price for 3 digits rebounds and goes up to 8.8Ξ (~$18.8K). 
  • May 18: The price jumps back up and hits a whopping 11.95Ξ (~$24.6K).
  • May 19: The following day, it falls to the lowest for the month at 6.6Ξ (~$12.6K).
  • May 20: The price shoots back up and hits 13.56Ξ (~$27.4K). 

An initial investment into an average 3 digit name on April 28 would have cost around 5.6Ξ ($16.1K). As of May 20, it  would be worth around 13.56Ξ (~$27.4K).

An initial investment into an average 4 digit name on April 28 would have cost around 1.57Ξ ($4.5K). As of today (May 21), it  would be worth around 1.93Ξ ($3.7K).

5 digits all out

Yes, you read that correctly. All 100,000 combinations of 5-digit ENS names have been minted. The cheapest one, 50379.eth, is up for grabs at only 0.02Ξ. If any 5-digit number has a special meaning to you, now is your time. 

 5 digits .eth rarity and value

What types of 5 digits ENS domains are more valuable than others? These are (in order of rarity):

  • Ascending 5 digits (12345) - 6 available
  • Descending 5 digits (43210) - 6 available
  • Ascending 4 digits (91234) - 128 available
  • Descending 4 digits (32108) - 128 available
  • Quad Repeating Digits (63333) - 190 available
  • Quad Repeating Digits Unjoined (36333) - 270 available
  • Palindrome (42924)- 810 available
  • Ascending 3 digits (81239) - 2094 available
  • Descending 3 digits (83219) - 2222 available
  • Triple Repeating Digits (63338) - 2430 available
  • Triple Repeating Digits Unjoined (96333) - 4674 available

 4 digits .eth rarity and value

What types of 4 digits ENS domains are more valuable than others?

For 4 digit numbers, there are several kinds that are high value. They’re pretty rare as well. 

UPDATE: ALL 4 DIGITS are minted. 

These are (in order of rarity):

  1. Descending: 4321, 8765, etc  - 7 available
  2. Ascending: 1234, 5678, etc - 9 available
  3. Palindromes: 4224, 5335, etc - 90 available
  4. Hundreds: 6000, 7000, etc  - 98 available
  5. Triple Repeat: 6333, 7444, etc  - 180 available
  6. Descending 3 digits: 3219, 4328, etc - 145 available
  7. Ascending 3 digits: 1239, 4568, etc  - 146 available
  8. Triple Repeat Unjoined: 3633, 4744, etc   - 171 available

Highlighted the good ones like Triple Repeating Digits, Flushes, Palindrome and more in the sheet above.

See my orginal blogpost about 3 digit ENS