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Valuable ENS domains that just expired in April 2022

Recap: 100% of the Valuable ENS domains I highlighted last month (March 2022) have all been bought. This continues to show the value of the highlighted words as someone else still wants the name

Wow! What a end of April 2022. If you didn't know, 3 and 4 digits ENS are cauing a huge craze with increase in trading volume and prices. Follow @enstoday to see the prices and read about The 2022 rush for 3 & 4 digit ENS for a summary of what happened.

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Last month, the market was sleeping with have.eth bought for just 1 ETH. Now I am sure the market is fully awake and a lot of the highlighed names below might even be renewed for 5 ETH.

Out of a total of 1,750 expired ENS, I highlighted 29 valuable ENS domains this month. The number of expired domains are about the same as last month (1,750 vs 1,650) but the number of interesting domains are 1/3 of last month (29 vs 100).

Changes in Temporary Premium

Firstly, an update on the renewal price as there is a change executed by the ENS DAO. The previous raise in starting premium price of $100,000 in Jan 2022 was a temporary fix to increase the premoum price so that names were not bought immediately. However the fix came with some trade-offers

  • "On a linear curve, if the price is too high the price decreases too fast and the UX is bad for a user who wants an exact price (especially at the lower end of the curve)
  • If you extend the time period out, the premium lasts for too long. E.g. If we made it 1 million USD and we wanted a similar price decay speed as 100k, we would need to run it for 10 months, which seems unreasonable."

The long-term solution would be to change the actual curve to something that could start at a very high price, would decrease rapidly at the beginning and slow down at the end so you have better UX for users. And therefore this proposal is to deploy an exponential price curve, that does exactly this. This would allow fairer bidding on both high and low priced names.

To ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to register a newly expired name, these names have a premium that starts at $100,000,000 and reduces over 21 days exponentially until the premium is gone. 

4 and 5 star ENS domains that have expired in April 2022

Here are my 4 and 5 star ENS domains that have expired in March 2022 and are in their premium phase in April 2022

  1. Reno.eth - Renovation or city in Nevada US 
  2. Amazon.eth - Renewed 
  3. Had.eth - Very common english word. 3 letters only. 
  4. 10k.eth - now very valuable due to 3 and 4 digits ens. Its called 10K club 
  5. Adam.eth - Popular first name 
  6. Aping.eth - BAYC related 
  7. Carls.eth - Popular first name 
  8. Cake.eth - Common item 
  9. Hawk.eth - common bird & apex predator
  10. Junk.eth - Common word 
  11. Zach.eth - Popular first name 
  12. roar.eth - Common word. Positive vibes. 
  13. Vibrant.eth - Common word. Positive 
  14. vibes.eth - Common word. Positive vibes. 
  15. Cell.eth - Common word. Positive vibes. 
  16. Team.eth - Common word. Positive vibes. 
  17. Loan.eth - Financial word. Positive vibes.

 Happy Hunting and remember to visit to buy and sell your ENS domains