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Valuable ENS domains that just expired in May 2022

May 27th to June 15th 2022 & May 1st to 26th May 2022

Recap: 100% of the Valuable ENS domains I highlighted last month (April 2022) have all been bought. This continues to show the value of the highlighted words as someone else still wants the name.

Out of a total of ~1,200 expired ENS, I highlighted 43 valuable ENS domains this month. The number of expired domains are about the 30% less than last month (1,200 vs 1,750). Also if you didn't get the news, the premium period is now just 21 days we will be be switcing to a 21 days or three week schedule for this series. 

5 star ENS domains that have expired in May 27th to June 15th 2022

  1. used.eth - Pretty much another term for second-hand or preloved.
  2. eye.eth - Three letter word. Used for watching things.
  3. toxicity.eth - Commonly used nowadays to refer to the bad behaviour of people.
  4. siva.eth - The 2519th most common name in the world.
  5. vitality.eth - Life and energy!
  6. stations.eth - A place where a specific activity is done. The most common ones are for gas and trains. The most expensive one ever built is in space.
  7. hair.eth - Protects our scalp from the sun. 85% of men will lose some of it to a certain degree in their lifetime.
  8. skin.eth - The biggest organ in our body.
  9. 10x.eth - Multiplied by 10. Also a hyperbolic way of saying something increased by a lot.
  10. 789.eth - Three digits in order.
  11. 456.eth - Three digits in order.
  12. domainers.eth - An individual or company that actively engages in the buying, selling, marketing, monetization and publishing of internet domain names
  13. quakers.eth - People from Protestant Christian set of denominations. Their cereal is more famous than their religion.
  14. nail.eth - Only useful when you hit it with a hammer.
  15. federated.eth - Political term. To be formed into a unit within a state while keeping some autonomy.
  16. log.eth - Either part of a tree that has been cut down or a record of details.
  17. inbound.eth - A term for what comes in or comes back to a point of origin.
  18. http.eth - Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  19. them.eth - What you call 2 or more people in objective form.
  20. buys.eth - Refers to things that you've purchased.
  21. mimi.eth - Can mean so many things. Has its own meaning to the indigenous Australians, Chinese, French, German, Italians, Hebrews, Nigerians, Japanese and Spanish.

5 star ENS domains that have expired in May 1st to 26th May 2022

Here are my 5 star ENS domains that have expired in May 2022 and are in their premium phase in June 2022

  1. async.eth - Technical Term
  2. butt.eth - Crass terms seem to work well for NFT and crypto crowd
  3. cask.eth - Alcohol related. In Feb 2022, multiple alcohol related names were purchased at a high price.
  4. kids.eth - Who doesn't love kids
  5. refuel.eth - Positive word.
  6. sand.eth - Common Word
  7. sugarmummy.eth - Money related
  8. gin.eth - Alcohol related. In Feb 2022, multiple alcohol related names were purchased at a high price.
  9. chopper.eth - No idea. But I like this word.
  10. pins.eth - Short, common item.
  11. lemonnade.eth - Short, common item.
  12. hoard.eth - Positive word. Could be related to proof-of-stake
  13. bump.eth - Positive word. Could be related to increased value.

For the full list of names including 4 star and 3 star names, you will have to request for access

Happy Hunting and remember to visit to buy and sell your ENS domains




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