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Looking for Investable Web 2 Domain Names? Are you searching hours and hours and still can't decide whether it is a good buy or not?

Introducing Name Maxi is created to help you find investable Web 2 domain names!

.com .net .org .io .ai .xyz, we got them all for you!

Name Maxi group names into categories specially chosen for their popularity and liquidity! It also shows the status of each category in terms of Total names, base price, and how much is taken.

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Here are some examples of categories you can choose from:

1. Top English Words

2. 4N - Digits

3. Top American Names


NameMaxi goes beyond basic categories to simplify your search for valuable names. We recognize that standard categories may not always be sufficient. That's why NameMaxi introduces Sub-Categories within certain categories, featuring sequences, patterns, and special arrangements to enhance your name exploration. Categroies that have sub-categories are 3L & 3N Category, 4L & 4N Category, and 5L & 5N Category.

Categories and their Sub-Categories:

broken image Special Features:

Available Words showcase the best available words that you can hand register as someone new to domain investing. It aims to suggest you great names regardless if you are a beginner or not!

Best Value (

If you have more budget, checkout the list of best value 4N .coms. Top names are updated daily so come back everyday to see new available words or best value 4N .coms.


Since NameMaxi aims to help you and become your one-stop in finding your domain names, we now show you the hottest auction inside the list of our investable domains

Great thing about these new features is that you can see this instantly once you open!

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So why use NameMaxi?

NameMaxi streamlines Web 2 Domain Name searches. Easily filter, find, and choose domains that match your preferences with just one click. NameMaxi offers a way to sort the list by:

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You can sort the list by their price and see your desired names in a specific range.

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Popularity Score

Popularity Score score shows how valuable a domain is compared to others. Take for example in the 4N category. It is most likely for a name to have a high popularity score if it contains repeats, palindromes, etc.

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Value is a simple yet powerful metric that divides the popularity score by the price of the domain. This calculation helps you identify underpriced Web 2 domain names, which can be excellent investment opportunities. For instance, a popular Word with a High popularity, low price has the potential to sell for more than the initial investment.

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For On Sale Names, NameMaxi will find the lowest price in all marketplaces – NameCheap, GoDaddy, Sedo, DynaDot and more.

NameMaxi also gives you a way to see those names that are available for registration

You can also find names that are registered but have been listed for sale by their owners


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Here's a video to sum it all up!

Make your search easy and find investable Web 2 Domain Names with!you