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.box Domains: A Fusion of Web2 and Web3 Domains

the world's first blockchain-native, DNS/ENS routable domain

This article delves into the intricate details of .box domains, exploring its dual functionality, unique Web3 capabilities, and the revolutionary impact it is set to make in the domaining world.

Decentralized Ownership and Comprehensive Access: .box provides full decentralized ownership and control over DNS record management, offering an empowering digital identity experience.

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Seamlessly integrate with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for payments, Web3 authentication, messaging, websites, and email.

Compatibility Beyond Boundaries

.box domains seamlessly work with both DNS and ENS, ensuring compatibility with traditional browsers and email services.

With ICANN accreditation, .box domains stand out for their compatibility, operating as a standard, ICANN-accredited TLD.

Automatic Tokenization via NFT

  •    .box domains pioneer automatic tokenization via NFT on the Optimism blockchain.
  • The bespoke digital asset adheres to the ERC-721 (NFT) spec, becoming the exclusive key to control the associated domain.

Being an NFT grants .box domains a revolutionary advantage in terms of easy transfer and selling. The NFT associated with each registered .box domain serves as a digital certificate of ownership, carrying metadata that uniquely ties it to the corresponding domain. This digital asset, adhering to the ERC-721 standard, provides a secure and tamper-proof record on the blockchain. The exclusive rights embedded within the NFT empower domain owners to seamlessly transfer ownership by selling or trading the NFT to others. This on-chain transfer process ensures swift and transparent transactions, allowing for a digital handshake that transfers control and ownership of the domain instantly. In essence, the NFT mechanism not only enhances security and authenticity but also facilitates a frictionless marketplace for .box domains, making them easily tradable assets in the evolving landscape of digital ownership.

Native Integration with ENS

box domains seamlessly integrate with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), forging a robust connection between DNS domain names and ENS names.

The value proposition extends beyond conventional NFTs, allowing exclusive control over Whois information and DNS records in the web2-land.

.box domains distinguish themselves from traditional web domains by pioneering a dual-functionality approach, seamlessly integrating Web3 and Web2 capabilities. Unlike standard domains governed by centralized entities, .box domains leverage NFT tokenization on the Ethereum blockchain, issuing bespoke digital assets that confer exclusive control and ownership.

The Visionary Team Behind .box:

The .box Top-Level Domain (TLD) is owned and operated by Intercap Registry, an ICANN Accredited Registry Operator with over a decade of dedication to .box development. Core partners, including 3DNS and ENS Labs, share a vision of bringing Web3 benefits to the domain industry. Nick Johnson, Founder of ENS, expresses excitement about the unique .box implementation, supporting seamless interoperability between DNS and ENS. Paul Gauvreau, CEO of 3DNS, anticipates widespread adoption among Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


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