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Discover Domain Deals with NameMaxi's Domain Name Generator

Find and evaluate potential domain investments quickly and easily

NameMaxi's domain name generator helps investors find and evaluate potential domain investments quickly and easily. Just type in a word or phrase, and NameMaxi shows you key information and available domains related to that term.

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Average Listed Price

NameMaxi shows the average price of listed domains with your search term. A high average means that keyword is in high demand and valuable. This is great for spotting popular trends and industries. For example, a search for "blockchain" with a high average price means crypto and blockchain domains are hot commodities.

Availability Breakdown

NameMaxi breaks down what percent of domains with your keyword are available, for sale, or taken. This helps you quickly see how easy or hard it may be to acquire domains in that niche.

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  • Low availability means the keyword is very popular
  • Many taken domains means lots of businesses are using that term.
  • The for-sale percentage shows how many good domains may be for purchase.

Suggested Domain Values

For each suggested domain, NameMaxi estimates its market value. This helps you spot great deals from the list of suggestions quickly.

Listed Domain Options

NameMaxi also shows premium domains for sale, not just available ones. Many of the best, most brandable domains are already registered. Depending on price, a premium domain could still be an excellent value. Considering these domains gives you more high-quality options.


To get the most from NameMaxi, look for keywords with low availability, many registered domains, high average prices, and high valuations on suggestions - those have the best investment potential.

In short, NameMaxi's generator is a powerful tool to help investors find great domain opportunities, with data to make smart decisions in a competitive market.