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A simple For Sale lander for .box/3DNS/NameFi/Unstoppable domains

Build your For Sale Page for Tokenized Domains (.box domains, 3DNS NameFi & Unstoppable domains)

Update for Feb 2024: There is now an very easy way to build your For Sale Page for Tokenized Domains by .box domains, 3DNS, NameFi Domains & Unstoppable domains.

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Introducing, a For Sale Page Builder specifically for Tokenized Domains

Here are some examples of what can be built,,

  1. Go to which is a site builder for Tokenized Domains
  2. Sign-In With Ethereum
  3. Choose a Domain to build your site on
  4. Replace the information and default image with yours
  5. Save Changes and View on the subdomain that the site looks great
  6. Go to the DNS manager for 3DNS/.box/NameFi and edit current ALIAS record (ALIAS @ or add the A record to
  7. Confirm that the site shows up with your domain!
  8. Share the page to get Sales! ALIAS Update

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NameFi A Record (

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Unstoppable Domains A Record (

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Why have a branded lander for your domains on sale?

  • Professionalism: Demonstrates commitment and effort, enhancing credibility.
  • Value Highlight: Showcases unique features, industry relevance, and potential, conveying its worth effectively.
  • Attention Capture: Engaging design and content increase visibility and encourage exploration.
  • Communication Facilitation: Includes contact forms or clear calls-to-action, expediting negotiations.
  • Perceived Value Increase: Customization signifies investment, elevating the domain's perceived worth.
  • SEO Enhancement: Optimized content improves search engine visibility, aiding discoverability.
  • Differentiation: Sets your listing apart in a crowded marketplace, making it memorable to potential buyers.
  • Direct Communication: Contact details allow buyers to reach you easily, fostering personal connections and transparent negotiations.

Incorporating off-platform contact options into your brandable landing page not only expands reach and streamlines transactions but also cultivates trust, credibility, and meaningful interactions with potential buyers.