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.ART domains for the NFT Community

Know how .ART can elevate your NFT Art Community's digital and social presence

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The world of NFT art is a captivating space where creativity meets blockchain technology, offering users a unique and personalized experience like never before. As we delve into the status of NFT art today, we witness both its rise and the challenges faced by the community.

NFT art status today: The boom of NFT and the downfall

The NFT art community has experienced unprecedented growth in 2021, bringing digital art to the forefront of the cultural conversation. However, this surge has not been without its challenges, with criticisms ranging from environmental concerns to questions about the long-term value of digital assets.

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The graph above illustrates the sales performance of NFT art over the years. In 2021 to mid-2022, there was a significant boom in sales, with popular collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Moonbirds, and Doodles gaining prominence. However, the market saw a notable decline in sales from mid-2022 to 2023. One primary reason for this decline was the lack of value proposition for the average consumer. Unlike before, there are now fewer people interested in NFT art.

As an Artist, it is time to re-focus on the art, your supporters and the visibility of your work.

The use of .ART

In the current NFT art community landscape, artists may wonder how to raise the visibility of their identity to the web3 audience. One potential solution is the use of the .ART top-level domain (TLD). The .ART TLD plays a crucial role in adding value to the NFT art community and art in general.

It caters to users of both Web 2 and Web 3, with a dedicated team committed to contributing to the NFT art space. Their mission extends beyond offering a domain; .ART aims to support and rebuild the NFT art community.


How can .ART help support the NFT Art Community?

  1. Building Personalized Websites: .ART provides artists with the opportunity to build their websites dedicated to their art. Artists like,,,, and many more have already used this platform to showcase their art, whether it's digital, physical, or NFTs. This eliminates the need for artists to organize their portfolios in PDFs or other digital formats, enhancing their professional online presence. .ART provcides an easy to use and free website builder for all .art websites.
  2. Improved Visibility: The inclusion of the word "ART" in their TLD makes it easier for artists to appear in search results. This connection to the art world through their domain extension can help artists attract a broader audience.
  3. Show your involvement to Web3 Audience: Using a .ART website not only serves as a comprehensive portfolio but also as a powerful sales platform. NFT artists can choose to share an link or direct users to a personalized website with a .art domain for direct NFT purchases. This strategic use of a personalized domain enhances the artist's professional branding and streamlines the buying process for potential buyers.
  4. Collecting donations & payments via .ART name with ENS: Your .art name can also be your ENS makes which means that your collectors can send you crypto to your .art address. This unifies your identity as both your website, twitter handle and also your wallet address.

In summary, .ART is more than just a domain; it represents a commitment to the NFT art community. It empowers artists to create professional websites for showcasing their work, simplifies the buying process for collectors, and enhances their visibility in the art world. By leveraging .ART, NFT artists can maintain their integrity and identity while adapting to the evolving landscape of the NFT art market.

Online Portfolios: How to set up your own art portfolio with .art

Just what’s stated above, .art offers a Website builder in their platform to easily build an online portfolio to send to customers rather than sending a generic link.

Creating a personal portfolio with .ART is a seamless process. As mentioned earlier, .ART provides a website builder that makes it easy to create your own online portfolio. This way, you can share your art with customers using your personalized website instead of sending them a standard link.

Here’s where you can edit your website (portfolio):

1. Go to and to your profile

2. You will see beside the domain name you have is a button that says “Edit Website”

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3. Once you click it, you will need to Activate this website in order to edit.

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4. After activating your website, you will be then redirected to the Website builder where you can input everything that is related to your art

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Here are some examples of Artist who have build their website with .art’s Free Website Builder:

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If you already have your own portfolio website and want to give it a more professional and art-focused look with a .ART domain, you can do that too. .ART offers a feature that allows you to redirect your .ART domain name to your existing website. This means that when people visit your .ART domain, they will automatically be directed to your current portfolio website, creating a seamless and art-focused online presence.

Just follow these steps:

1. Go to .ART marketplace (

2. Register your domain name

3.. Once you’ve registered, go to your profile and click gear button

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4. Inside the manage section of your domain name, you can find “Domain Forwarding” which you can then edit the values and put your own website in it

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.ART for Web3

Moving forward, .art doesn’t only value Web 2 space, but also Web3. Connecting your ENS wallet as an NFT artist will bring you more identity to the community. Easy transactions because of simplified wallet addresses is a very useful thing to have when you are in the space. It’s not only for you as a seller but for the buyers as well.

Crypto Wallets: How to link your .art with your wallet?

When selling NFT art, you need a crypto wallet linked to an NFT marketplace. Connecting a .ART domain to your wallet makes your online presence more genuine and unique. As an NFT artist, it's great to be known with "art" in your name, isn't it?

This guide ensures a seamless connection, allowing artists to use their .ART domain with their crypto wallet address and primary identity on Web3.

1. Visit

2. Connect your wallet

3. Search for your domain name

4. Manage TXT record for in your domain manager ( using the values generated in

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5. Enter "_ENS" as Hostname, and copy the TXT key (it's your wallet address) assigned on Protocol.ART and paste it in the Value field

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6. Then return to and select "Register"

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ChatGPT In the dynamic world of NFT art, .ART domains offer artists a unique and personalized digital web3 presence. While the NFT art community has seen both a surge and a slowdown in sales, .ART domains provide a bridge between Web 2 and Web 3 spaces.

They allow artists to create customized websites, improving visibility and simplifying NFT sales. .ART domains can also be linked to crypto wallets, making transactions smoother and enhancing artists' credibility. Whether you're building a new portfolio or upgrading an existing one, .ART offers flexible solutions to help NFT artists shine in this evolving landscape.