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Sell your ENS with a Story

Gasless Profile Picture and description to your ENS listing page to present your ENS listing in the best light.

Every ENS domain name name has a story when you registered it. Tell its' story with a Picture and Description on your listings. now allows you to add Picture and Description without gas Fees. This is done off-chain and helps present your listing in the best possible light.

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On your Profile page, names with pictures and descriptions are highlighted above your other names. See the example profile here via 10kex.eth

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  1. Connect your Wallet on
  2. Go to “My ENS” page
  3. Select an ENS that you own
  4. Click on the Edit Icon for Picture or Description
  5. Accept the Sign-In With Ethereum Prompt
  6. Make the changes you want for picture and description

You can send out your profile page via this URL Replace NAME with your own primary ENS Name.

Others will see a great looking ENS Profile Page of the highlighted ENS. They can also see what clubs you like the most and filter by name or club.

Want to have a great looking page for buyers? Highlight the names you want to sell. NameApes Profile page automatically shows your names with Pictures and description on top. It also pulls on chain data for your NFT picture and text records of your primary name to make an awesome looking profile