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Most Popular First Names In The World for ENS Domains

Mária, Maryia, Jianfeng, Xuemei, Serhei, Chunyan, Lidia, Dongmei, Zhihua, Guoqiang, Myat, Lwin, Jianzhong, Olha, Masoumeh


In our last post we looked at last names but none were available so today, let's look at first names! Ok. the availability is not great. Only 4.2% of first names are still available on ENS. 

It's surprising to me that most of the first names are gone given that ENS is still pre mass adoption. Looking at the list of available names, as usual western names are all gone. 

We do have many Chinese and Burmese names though. China has of course banned crypto and Myanmar is not the most fintech location on earth so that would explain it.  

Oh and BTW, I bought olha.eth