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100 Most Common Last Names in the United States for ENS Domains

Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, Jones, Garcia, Miller, Davis, Rodriguez, Martinez

Sorry to say that you are way too last for the top 100 last names for the western world. They are all taken for .eth :(

Last names can be really interesting because you are more likely to get a buyer for last names that first names.


  1. Will.eth can only be bought by people name will 
  2. Smith can be bought by all the smith in the word which is a larger number of people

And with .eth domains, your can even do a sub domain making us possible to do

  • Will.smith.eth
  • Black.smith.eth
  • William.smith.eth

So I would say last names are at least 10 times more valuable then first names.

You can even sell or rent the subdomains. See what this guy/girl is doing with bell.eth. Now thats a landlord!