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An easy way to get ENS domains through conventional online payment

(July 18, 2022) – is happy to offer ENS domain registration for those using credit cards! ENS domains, traditionally, could only be bought with Ether which is the currency for Ethereum blockchain. This poses a significant barrier to those are relatively new to crypto.

With ENSdom, anyone can buy their personalized crypto identity the same way they would register a conventional website domain. For those who want to register their personalized address in the crypto space but don’t know where to begin, this is the easiest way.

There are so many reasons for you to buy an ENS domain right now. Number one is convenience. Instead of dealing with long strings of anonymous public addresses that no one can remember, you could just use a simple name, like an email address or a website domain, to receive and hold any cryptocurrency, login to Web3 sites and dApps and trade NFTs. Beyond that, you could even use it to build brands and websites.

Now, anyone can buy an ENS domain ending in .eth with a credit card. ENSdom can register names for you in just 48 hours through credit payment offered by Visa/Mastercard or Amex. With this, buyers won’t have to deal with the gas fees or creating a wallet and address.

For many people, these are still very new technologies. Holding Ether in a wallet might be a challenging task. Our Buy service makes it all simple just like conventional transactions online. Our agent service allows you to receive your ENS domains in your crypto wallet. While our custodial service is even simpler and does not even require you to have a wallet now.” -Han, CEO of ENSdom.

There are practically no limits for what you can use as an .eth name. Almost anything goes, but the most common ones are usually people's names, places, brands, emojis and any combination of at least 3 numbers or letters. The more lucrative ones are usually crypto related, ETH related or NFT related.

To use our Agent service, users need to generate a new wallet from MetaMask, Coinbase or other wallet services first. Then they can check the availability of the ENS domain they want on If the name is available, then we can proceed.

" came about as I had friends who bought crypto via centralized exchanges but had no idea how to create a crypto wallet or use their Ethereum to transact on the blockchain. However, with the massive popularity of ENS domains, they wanted to quickly reserve their ideal name as their Web3 identity. We have created where we provide an agent or custody service to help users mint their ENS domains via credit card instead of Ethereum," said the spokesperson.

ENSdom has one-year and five-year packages for ENS names with five or more characters. Payments can be done via Stripe using popular credit card services like Visa, Mastercard and Amex. The payment mode ensures additional safety for buyers. For custodial service, the ENS name is held in the cold wallet of the platform until the user wishes to get it transferred to their own private wallet. is a marketplace specifically for ENS Domain names. ENS domains allows for a readable username that is portable across dApps and blockchains.

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