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Crypto Terms for ENS domains

big-endian bigendian Byzantiumfork compiling difficultybomb difficulty-bomb proof-of-work externally passhash ommer entrancy re-entrancy Spurious

Crypto related words are most likely to have the highest value in the short term. I view the short term as one to two years as ENS is really still early. Most people who would buy ENS are defintely in the crypto space. For most of my own ENS, I am targetting a 5 to 8 years before ENS or crypto wallet or usage even hits somewhat main stream.

To get the crypto terms, I used these 2 references

 Other than it being available, its also important to see if the words are useful I bought "ommer" as it was short and sounded nice. It is also a defunct crypto exchange it seems. 

I was on the fence about Spurious as it was also a proper english work but seem too negative for my liking.