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15 ways you can use your .eth address

ENS domains help in sending crypto, establishing your identity & reputation, host your own website, make money and more

Less error prone transactions

1. Help the sender get the right address: To send a crypto payment, you need a long public wallet address composed of a string of digits and letters of the alphabet that looks like gibberish. (0x027FB871101a865E0e3440a78aA073BE85763C5B) If you use ENS, you’ll have a single ENS domain, like “ensdom.eth” where you can receive any kind of crypto and NFTs.

2. Give one address to anyone for receiving NFT: Similar with coins, you can also receive NFTs by giving out your .eth address rather than the long string of address.

3. Don't lose coins by mixing up addresses of different currencies: Don't confuse bitcoin address for litecoin address. If someone sends bitcoin to your litecoin address, you might lose the bitcoin. It is possible to get it back but if you have an .eth address, it will automatically go to the right wallet address. Clean and simple.

Have your identity across websites and not owned by a company

4. Show that you are in web3 culture: having a .eth shows that you are invested in the web3 culture which increases your reliability and creed.

5. Give a consistent identity across different websites: Identities across website like twitter and reddit are separated. For example you could be @righthand on twitter and nohands on reddit. With a .eth, you can be diamondhands.eth on both websites so your reputation is shared across both websites. It will also be easier when a new service starts and you can bring your identity immediately. “Your reputation precedes you”

6. Sign-In with Ethereum: Sign-In with Ethereum is a new form of authentication that enables users to control their digital identity with their Ethereum account and ENS profile. The most common Single Sign On are Apple, Google or Facebook. Sign-In with Ethereum provides the same convenience but is decentralised so you own that identity and no one can take it away from you.

7. Show your online presences with text records: You can add links to any website profiles you have. Even your home address if you want. You can add addresses of other ENS-supported blockchains, your Twitter profile, bio, avatar, E-mail, and a lot of other things. People can find all these details by just visiting your .eth domain.


8. Show off your NFT: Assign a NFT to your ENS name as an avatar record will make OpenSea and other web 3.0 properties show your NFT alongside your username.

9. Put it on twitter and get on the eth twitter board: Twitter is probably the most commonplace to see .eth right now. Companies like budwiser and puma are getting .eth especially when they are thinking of selling NFTs. shows who has the most followers among those with an .eth address.

Your Website

10 .eth can be your address for your decentralised website that is censorship-resistant and can’t be cancelled, unlike a .com.  The exact standard for this is called IPFS and you can host your website via Ethereum blockchain with Swarm. However most browsers do not natively support it so a plugin is required.

11. Your address for your Tor Onion website: Tor is like a Dark Web Protocol for websites where traffic is anoynomized. 

Make Money

12. Receive free money via airdrop: ENS addresses registered before 31st Oct 2021 got an transfer for $ENS tokens which translate to owners receiving sums ranging from $13,000 to $84,000. Right now there are no plans for a second airdrop but who knows?

13. Buy it as an investment and sell it later: ENS domains are probably going to be the standard for Web3 Domain names. There are others like Unstoppable domains and Handshake names but none has the backing of the number two coin (ETH) and number one dApp platform (Etheruem) behind it.

amazon.eth is currently for sale for nearly $1 million, while Nike.eth is listed for more than $4 million. Recent sales include adele.eth for around $6,000, radiologist.eth for $4,000, and boy.eth for $65,000. “

You can list ENS domains on (The first and only ENS Domains Marketplace Sell your ENS domains by highlighting its value and receive offers via messaging.)

Participate in ENS DAO

14 .Participate in ENS DAO: Other than .eth, there is also the $ENS token which gives you voting power. Users got this in the airdrop above and you can also purchase $ENS via exchanges. The DAO decides on changes of the ENS platform. The most recent and visible being the change of the expired premium from $2,000 to $100,000 which I wrote about here: You can either directly vote or delegate your vote to a trusted party hoping that they will make a good decision for you and the community. Here is an introduction article that I like about ENS DAO.

Give them away

15. .eth addresses can be further extended into subdomains and sub sub domains. For example if you own a last name like smith.eth, you can also make and give away will.smith.eth, milke.smith.eth.Schools or exchanges can even give them to every student or customer have their brand presence raised every time the wallet address is used.