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Wallet Address Verification

For listing to

Why do we need to verify a seller’s wallet address?

If you use multiple wallets or your listed .eth names do not seem to belong to you, we will need to verify your ownership of the wallet. This is a temporary step while we integrate wallet connection into ENSdom. If you have been asked by ENS Admin for wallet verification, you can sign a message with your wallet and send it back via ENSdom messaging so we can approve your listings.

How does it work?

The first step is to go to This is where you can verify the ownership of your wallet through its signature on a message. 

Next, click on MetaMask or your wallet provider.

Then, click on “Connect to MetaMask”. Choose the account you want to connect with then click next.


Click on connect. Note that this is a simple signing request to “See address, account balance, Activity and suggest transactions to approve.” There is no request for a smart contract or contract address. Do not proceed if this screen or message looks different from our screenshot above.


Type “ENSdom” in the message box. This is needed in order to verify the wallet. Then, click on Sign Message.


Next, click on Sign.


The signature will appear in the box below. 


Copy it and send the message to us for verification (Our username is: Admin2).


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