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Valuable ENS domains that just expired in Feb 2022

128 valuable ENS domains up for grabs!

Recap: 100% of the Valuable ENS domains I highlight last month have all been bought.

Wow this month is really going to be an interesting month. I am not sure what happened in Feb 2021 that led to so many good names being registered. And then for some reason, the owners forgot to renew them. In Feb 2022, a lot of good ENS domains just expired. Out of a total of 2,200 expired ENS, I highlighted 128 valuable ENS Domains.

There are so many 4 character names that I don’t even have the budget to buy all of them. I expect most to be taken at the sub 1 ETH level.

Here is the short list of super super valuable ENS domains that I expect will sell for 10 ETH easily in the next 12 months.

  • Amen 
  • Epic 
  • Geek
  • Holy
  • Hulk
  • kipling
  • Kpmg
  • Meg (Taken)
  • Mom
  • Moon
  • Navy
  • Obiwan
  • Ruby
  • Saatchi
  • Shaw
  • Whale
  • tsla
  • ing

The list of good names is so long at 128 names that I had a to make a sheet this month. For comparison, last month only 28 made my valuable list.

 To help you out, I also gave the ENS domains my ranking from 1 to 5.

  • What gives high scores
  • First or last names
  • Short names
  • Single English Word
  • Brands