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.Good news! We have released our ENS digits market weekly report!

We understand it is really time-consuming and difficult for you to constantly check out the ENS market information. But now, no long have to worry about it! With our report, you can easily get all the key sales information and trends of the 999 club, 10k club and 100k club.

Go subscribe and be the master of the ENS digit market!

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What can you get from our report

  • Monitor last week club sales status
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You can check out the past 7D average sold price, sales volume, sales number as well as their weekly variation. With this information, you can have a thorough overview of last week’s market performance and make better buying/selling decisions.

Sales volume and sales number can show you the market demand and how popular the club was last week. Average sold price can instruct you to timely adjust your selling price and let you have a better idea of how much the fair price is currently if you want to buy a digit name.

  • Follow up trends of the market:  
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Here you can see the 30D average sold price chart and sales volume chart. With these two charts, you can find out the long term trading volume and sold price trend and consequently have a better idea of how the whole market is doing. Moreover, by utilising the data, you can try forecasting next week’s ENS market and take actions accordingly in advance.

  • See what are the top sales names

By providing you with each week’s top 10 sales names, we expect to help you understand what kind of feature makes the name most valuable (e.g. Descending; starting with smaller digit). Also, based on this you can better price your own special names if you have names that are similar to those top sales. 

Download past ENS market report here

Below are the weekly ENS market reports we made. Don’t hesitate to download them to understand the sales history of each club.


If you want to subscribe to the report, you can either go to the ‘ENS report’ page or click the link :

You can leave your email there. We will directly send you the weekly report to your email every Monday.