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How to sell domain names on GoDaddy

Easily list your domains for Sale on GoDaddy and get exposure on NameCheap, PorkBun and more!

Listing domains on GoDaddy offers these key advantages:

  • Large user base: GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars, giving your domain exposure to millions of potential buyers.
  • Integration with Afternic: Your listing gets distributed across Afternic's network of partner sites and registrars, further increasing visibility.
  • Trusted platform: As a well-known brand, buyers may feel more secure purchasing through GoDaddy

How to list domains on GoDaddy

It's very easy to list your domain for sale on GoDaddy if your domain is already registered with them. If not, you might want to refer to our other domain listing guides.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  • Navigate to your domain list and select the domain you want to sell.
  • Click on "Manage" next to the domain.
  • Look for the "Sell" or "List for Sale" option and click on it.
  • Set your asking price. You can refer to GoDaddy's appraised value or use NameMaxi's for more accurate valuation.
  • Review and accept GoDaddy's terms for selling domains. You might also be prompted to register for an Afternic Account. If so, please do that as well as GoDaddy is transiting selling processes to Afternic.
  • Submit your listing.
  • GoDaddy typically charges a commission on successful sales, usually around 25% of the final sale price. Remember to set the lander for lower commission rate of 15%.

How to list domains on GoDaddy

Once listed, your domain will appear in GoDaddy's Aftermarket and potentially on partner platforms like Afternic.

These are the top 5 registrars in the world and out of those, a listing on GoDaddy will provide exposure to the buyers on those registrars in green.

  • GoDaddy
  • Newfold Digital (i.e
  • Namecheap
  • Tucows (i.e
  • Squarespace

Video of how to list your domain on GoDaddy

What if I want more exposure to buyers?

You can consider listing on more marketplaces like Sedo. Sedo is a top choice for domain sellers due to its large international marketplace, especially strong in Europe. It offers comprehensive brokerage services, multi-lingual support, and flexible pricing options.

You can also consider tokenizing your domains and listing it on NameMaxi.