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Find ENS names people actually want

We all want to invest in the right names. These are the ones people are buying.

Welcome to! This is where you can get the sales details of ENS domains and trends on each club and search for specific keywords.

How do I use this?

We want to help you make more informed decisions when choosing domains. As an investor, there are several ways this platform can help you.

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1. See how popular a club is. If the club's sales are high, then its names are in demand. If you’re a first time investor, you can find out which clubs sell the most names. If you’ve already invested in some names but want to diversify, you can check which other clubs are doing well. If you want to see which clubs are on the rise and want to invest in them early.

2. See Trends of a club. See the history of a club to see if it has a long term trading volume and what the average prices are. You can also spot any peaks and lulls to decide if you can enter or exit the club at this time.

3. Check how much certain names can be sold for. Let’s say someone wants to sell the domain “john123.eth.” He can check the price of all the names with “john” in them (or basically any similar name) to get an estimation of his domain. You can go through each club to see how profitable investing in their domains are. Check how much it costs to mint a similar name and how much that name can eventually be sold for.

4. Adjust your selling price. You’re trying to sell a name but aren’t getting any offers. You can check the price of similar names that are sold to gauge the market value of yours.

5. You want to buy a specific name but you’re not sure how much a fair price is. Let’s say someone wants to buy the domain “john123.” He can check the price of all the names with “john” in them (or basically any similar name) to see what is a fair price.

6. See how ENS is doing as a whole. This is for people who want to learn more about ENS in general and potentially invest in it.

Top Clubs

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The Top Clubs list shows the 5 clubs with the highest cumulative sales for the week. The clubs are ranked by their volume, which is the total value of all their names sold.

The volume is the best indicator of the overall demand for that club because it reflects the total sales of that club, and by extension, the overall interest of people in that club.

The rank shows how many places it rose or dropped from the previous week. If a club is moving up, then it certainly demands your attention. The average shows how much the average cost of a name from that club is.

Club Stats

This shows several metrics which will be based on your search. The data on the graph will adjust accordingly if you change what you're searching for.

Sold - This shows the number of names that were sold. The amount shown will be based on the name, period, club and category of your search.

Highest - This shows the most expensive name sold based on your search criteria.

Average - this shows the average price of each name based on your search criteria.

Lowest - This shows the cheapest name sold based on your search criteria.

The graph makes it easy for you to visualize trends. You can select the Club and Period and leave the Name blank to see how well a club has been doing.

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If you go over the graph, you can also see the average price of names sold for that day and the total volume for that day.


You can directly tweet the stats and data of your search. Just make sure you’re signed into your Twitter account on the same browser and click on the summary below your search.

The Tweet will come out optimized optimised with the club name, graph, stats and results all together. It summarizes your search result and makes it easy for people to understand and share.

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One more thing

In short, you can use to keep track of the domains being sold to help you gauge the demand of the potential names you’d want to invest in. If you know what people are buying, you’ll get a better idea of what people want.

We hope that will help you better understand the prices and trends of ENS names and clubs. While you are here, please also checkout our other services.

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