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Country 3 Letter Abbreviations for ENS Domain names

Country names are all taken but you could go for their short form

Ok sadly all country names are taken. I didn't even make a report about that because there really wasn't any value. I think I have a city list somewhere and that might come up in a report next time.

There are 252 countries with 3 Letter Abbreviations as defined by ISO 3166 ALPHA-3. This means the 3 letters are standardized in most of the world and show up in many documents and a lot of people understand them.

Oh and I bet you didnt know but the .eth domain is technically reserved for Ethiopia following ISO 3166 ALPHA-3 and .eth is currentlly in a gray area. read more at

85 of these 3 letter country names  (33%) are still available as of this writing. 

9 are of value to me for the following reasons

  • Country with High Cryto usage 
  • European country 
  • Large Country 
  • Rich Country
  • Some companies are incoporated here for low tax reasons
  • VNM Vietnam Country with High Cryto usage
  • GRC Greece European country
  • IDN Indonesia Large Country
  • DNK Denmark Rich Country
  • NLD Netherland Rich Country
  • ZAF South Africa Rich Country
  • TWN Taiwan Rich Country
  • VGB British Virgin Islands Some companies are incoporated here for low tax reasons