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Buying 3 Digit numbers as ENS Domains

3 digit numbers are short and really easy to pass to someone over the phone.

UPDATE 24th Apr 2022

A bit over 4 months from this article, all 999 digits have been minted! We are now officially in ENS awareness mode.

24th Apr 2022: 0% of 999 digits are still available

31st Mar 2022: 29% of 999 digits are still available

2nd Jan 2022: 39% of 999 digits are still available

The numbers are broadly classified based on the number of digits. The digits used to form higher digit numbers are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The place value of a 3-digit number helps in understanding the value of each of the digits. The smallest of 3-digit numbers is 100 and the largest number is 999. 

000 to 100 might be harder and of less value as most people don't expect zeros in front of a number and are thus less valuable. Some numbers have significance in some cultures or companies. These domains have solid demand in China because they carry two functions: (1) as acronyms to shorten long names, and (2) to enable Chinese companies to go global.


  • 168. 
  • 007 if you want to be a spy?
  • 420 as it has signficance in the CBD or weed work

Stats about this ENS Types

  1. 1000 combinations from 000 to 999.
  2. 39% of names are still available.
  3. Because its a 3 character name, yearly cost is high at $640 USD. 


Are 3 digit ENS names valuable. Yes I would say so. Here are some examples