• What are ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domains?

    ENS domains allows for a readable username that is portable across dApps and blockchains.


    To send a crypto payment, you need a long public wallet address composed of a string of digits and letters of the alphabet that looks like gibberish. Moreover, users have a different public address for every cryptocurrency, making it difficult to manage and confusing for crypto beginners.


    ENS, short for Ethereum Name Service, aims to make the crypto and decentralized finance space a bit simpler by allowing a user to create a universal nickname for all your public addresses and decentralized websites. Instead of having an unreadable string of keys for each crypto address, you’ll have a single ENS domain, like “Rick.eth,” where you can receive any kind of crypto and NFTs.


    ENS aims to become the naming protocol of the decentralized internet by creating portable Web 3.0 usernames that are interoperable across all blockchains and decentralized apps (dApps).


    I believe ENS probably has the best chance since it is supported by the largest Crypto Community and these it will be the most popular protocol. Read about 15 ways you can use your .eth address.

  • ENS Ideas

    Thinking of what ENS names to get? Here are some places you can get ideas from.

    Get ideas for ENS Domains

    My personal list of ideas of my ENS search. Find valuable ENS domains here.

    ENS Domains Twitter

    Follow me to get alpha ideas on ENS names

    ENS Sales Twitter

    sales of .eth $ENS domains (1Ξ & above) + deals of the week

    #10Kclub 4 Digit Buy and Sell

    The very first club that was formed was the 999club, which then combined with the 10Kclub to form a club called #10kclub for holders of 000.eth to 999.eth and 0000.eth to 9999.eth. All of these ENS have been minted since May 2022, and for people to get these digits and join the club, they have to buy them via the secondary market.


    We want to make it easy for buyers to find their ideal 4-digit ENS. The purpose of https://clubs.ensdom.com is to provide users with a one-stop market to find and buy the best value 4-digit.eth that is for sale.